Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brown Paper Bunny story

The Brown Paper Bunny story was recently featured on Handmadeology. I thought you might like to read how I got started blogging and opened my first Etsy store this year.

1. My Etsy story: 
Up until a year ago I had never really put pencil or paintbrush to paper, but I had always wanted to learn to draw. I was working in the Defense industry and there wasn’t a lot of room for creativity in my day job.

Finally I decided I had to take that first step and I enrolled in an online drawing and painting class. I had so much fun I also enrolled in a university night class, started a blog about my creative adventures, and participated in seven collaborative art projects, including the worldwide sketchbook project.

This year I decided I wanted to grow further, do more with my art, and share it with others. Someone told me about Etsy (I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before) and I think I spent at least 3 hours that first time just looking at all the amazing treasures for sale. I opened my shop in January this year and I haven’t looked back!
2. What have you learned about business since you launched your Etsy shop?
That customer service is paramount. I think I always knew that, but having ordered a lot of things from Etsy I’ve really found that it is the extra touches, or the personal communication that makes such a big difference to your experience. I try to give the service I would like to receive.

I’ve also discovered that you have to market yourself. You have to be relentless, even when you’re doing well you have to keep doing it, every day. It can be exhausting.

3. Tell us one piece of advice for new sellers.
Use your profile to tell us about yourself. For so many people the joy of shopping on Etsy is that it is so personal. We want to know who we are buying from, what their story is, and why they are special.

Thank you!



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