Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fair Ivy

Recently I came across the most delicious service...surprise package subscriptions! The site is called Fair Ivy (their is a Fair Ivy blog too) and you can chose the length of your subscription, give them as gifts, and you can chose the type of packages you want (women's, teenage girls, mens, kids etc).

It's pretty fantastic so I had to give it a go. My package arrived pretty speedily, and here's what it contained:
There was a head massager, some cute soap on a stick, a lovely little boat necklace, a knitted heart, some matchbook seeds, and an adorable printed bunny bag! I know what all my friends and family are getting as gifts from now on! ;)

And since discovering Fair Ivy I've seen a few people offering surprise packages. I think that is something I'm going to have to look more into...who doesn't like getting nice things in the mail, especially when they come as a complete surprise!

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