Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creative Collective: July project

It's a new month, and that means an exciting new project over at the Creative Collective! This month it's all about finishing all those half-started projects you have lying around.

Be inspired:
Have you got a half-finished cross stitch, a third of a scarf that was supposed to be finished for winter, or a bunch of plants still in their store pots waiting to be planted? Now is the time to finish them! It doesn’t have to be big, just take the time to complete a project and get that little satisfaction when you’re done.

We want to see the before and afters! Post photos of your projects on the Creative Collective Flickr Pool or the Facebook Page.

Leave a link on the weekly Creative Collective Link Post each Wednesday on the blog.

Check out the Creative Collective blog for more details!

Or have a look at some of the projects I've finished this month:

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