Monday, July 11, 2011

Mail, glorious mail!

Just a few little treasures I received in the mail last week:

Treasures of Sky Mall is just the cutest, funniest little zine. Made by Gemma Correll it's a steal at only a couple of dollars!
This was quite the exciting package to receive, and came from Emily as part of the Creative Collective Snail Mail swap. It was absolutely stuffed full of colorful, fun goodies like The Artist Survival Kit, Kind Cards, motivational mini posters, and pretty papers. They'll be a reply package in the mail soon, although I'm not sure it will be half as cool!
These little goodies were purchased from Artemiss. She has such gorgeous little illustrations and I couldn't resist the hilarious 'WTF', '*poke*, and 'OMG' cards! There is loads more in her shop.

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